Video Game Review: Sonic Adventure

Sonic AdventureBefore I get started on the review, I’d like to give some background information on my feelings on this game, and some quick info on the port.

I was first introduced to Sonic games with Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure 2 when I was 7 or 8, and before that I would watch Sonic X every morning on the weekends. As a kid, I knew those games had flaws and shortcomings, but I never cared, because they were video games, and they were fun. As I got older, the shortcomings of Sonic Adventure 2 became more and more apparent to me, so when I heard that the Game Grumps were going to be playing Sonic Adventure DX (the first in the Adventure series), I knew I had to watch it and see how terrible it would be. They focused a lot on glitches, and constantly got lost and didn’t know what to do. They made it look like an absolutely horrible game. When I saw Sonic Adventure DX in the Humble Bundle, I had to get it to experience for myself just how bad it was for myself.

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Jennell Jaquays Interview on Matt Chat

When I posted on twitter to share my post on Rebecca Heineman on Matt Chat, I got a reply from her. After a good two minutes of fan girling over it, I read what she wrote. She let me know that Jennell Jaquays was also interviewed on Matt Chat. I have to admit that I didn’t know anything about Jennell Jaquays.

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