Lord of the Rings Online: The Ballad of Bingo Boffin

Lord of the Rings Online logoI haven’t been playing Lord of the Rings Online as often as I use to. I joined LOTRO about a month after it was released. After my 30-day free subscription ran out, I bought a life-time membership for the game. I logged into the game every day since then up until maybe a year and a half ago. I didn’t lose my love of the game, but I was getting burned out on it and wanted to try something different. Months went by when I didn’t log in at all, but that all changed when my kinship told me about The Ballad of Bingo Boffin.

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Fan Fiction: The Mirror of Galadriel

Pinkfae and the Mirror of Galadriel

Pinkfae gazing into the Mirror of Galadriel

Haldir opened the gate and ushered Pinkfae inside the Garden of Galadriel. Although Pinkfae has spent her entire life in Lothlórien, it was the first time she has ever been allowed inside of the Lady’s garden. She knew about Galadriel’s Mirror, it was common knowledge among all of the Galadhrim, but she was not among the few permitted to peer into it. She can remember times spent up in the trees looking down into the garden and dreaming, wondering, what the mirror might show her.

Pinkfae looked over her shoulder as she slowly made her way inside the garden. She seemed doubtful that she was actually given permission to be inside of the sacred place. Haldir nodded his head slightly and gave a soft smile reassuring her that she could enter. Pinkfae looked back towards the garden and noticed the Lady standing near the Mirror. With her uncertainty gone and replaced with a sense of hope, she quickened her pace.

“Pinkfae Neilikka,” Lady Galadriel said as she approached. “I thought you and your family were making the journey to the west.” Pinkfae began to grow nervous. She couldn’t look directly into the eyes of the Lady. Instead her eyes wandered around the garden, the flowers, the walkway and the Mirror. “I’m sorry,” Pinkfae replied with a faint whisper.

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