Video Game Review: Please, Don’t Touch Anything

please-dont-touch-anythingI would highly recommend Please, Don’t Touch Anything if you have someone else to play with, it is a great couch co-op or online co-op (if you don’t mind a bit of stream lag) or streaming puzzle game, if no one in the group has played the game before.

You basically are given a single button on a panel to start, and have to discover (currently, it keeps increasing!) 25 different endings based on various clues and experimentation. Some are very simple, some are deviously difficult, but most of them eventually make some sort of sense, and having multiple eyes looking at the puzzle really, really helps, as different people tend to see and think different ways.

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Video Game Review: Transistor

Transistor_artOh I really enjoyed Transistor. I finished the regular and NG+ play-throughs of the game across a span of about 3-4 days. One could probably rush through the story in as little as 3 hours, or take time unlocking all the lore, doing the side challenges for extra xp and game knowledge, listening to the catchy music, and stopping to smell all the roses along the way and end up taking easily triple or quadruple that.

The game and combat mechanics are pretty fun, with a number of subroutines that you unlock or add to your Transistor weapon as you level up. You form actual skills with those subroutines, using a combination of active slots, support slots (that you slot subroutines into to improve active slots), and four passive slots (buffs to improve your character as a whole). Each subroutine does a different, but thematically similar, thing depending on whether it’s currently in an active, passive, or support slot.

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Video Game Review: Long Live the Queen

Llq-promoLong Live the Queen is a life-simulation/RPG game where you control a fledgling princess in a land rife with danger, and seek to train her skills and keep her alive until her coronation as Queen in 40 weeks. The characters and lore are well-written, and while at first the anime graphics and simple weekly events recap may lull you into a sense of security (no news is good news?), you soon realize, possibly after your first untimely death, that there are several hidden subplots lurking beneath the surface, and you have to account for them in future play throughs or die horribly, again.

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