Video Game Review: Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations ps3 coverThis was my first real foray into Resident Evil, and I liked it so much that I finished the entire game in one sitting that went way late into the morning.

Though I have no other Resident Evil benchmark to compare it to, I thought the campaign story was really neat and well done, lots of twists that kept me guessing. Most of the characters had interesting personalities, though as a new player to the Resident Evil series with no prior background knowledge of the characters besides knowing they exist, I feel not much was done with Chris and Jill outside of them obviously being “the celebrity couple that won’t admit it” in the game. I suppose you’re meant to know them from previous games, but as a standalone, they ended up being the flattest characters even though you get to play the both of them and thus like them by virtue of them being an extension of “you”.

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