Video Game Review: Marvel Puzzle Quest

marvel-puzzle-questI really enjoy this Match-3 game, between PC and Tablet I’ve put in well over 100 hours into it. Got every single reward from the tutorials, placed well in a few Story events (which are an interesting system of different timed thematic storyline events that spit out rewards every day or three) because I have pockets of time through the day which this fills nicely. Even dabbled a bit into the Versus system, where you fight other players’ teams for rank and rewards, but the AI controls the opponent teams since Match-3 gameplay doesn’t lend itself well to a realtime PvP system at all.
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Video Game Review: Dark Souls III

[Very mild spoilers for opening area]

In my first playthrough of Dark Souls 3, I have travelled from the walls of a crumbling city, to the bowels of an overgrown forest, and back again. I have encountered lovecraftian horrors and a few incandescent faces. And I have died, again and again and again.

Dark Souls’ signature masochism certainly has not been lost. Enemies look hard and hit harder. The bosses have also been scaled up, taking advantage of the newest console generation to make them larger and scarier than their previous counterparts. If there’s any problem, it’s that some of the readability of enemies in previous games has been lost in favour of increasing the creepy factor. For example, the corruption, an early encounter, is a giant serpentine black mass. It is intentionally confusing to fight and difficult to read, which while making for an exhilarating fight, seems to have abandoned some of Fromsoft’s previous attitudes towards character design.

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Video Game Review: Transistor

Transistor_artOh I really enjoyed Transistor. I finished the regular and NG+ play-throughs of the game across a span of about 3-4 days. One could probably rush through the story in as little as 3 hours, or take time unlocking all the lore, doing the side challenges for extra xp and game knowledge, listening to the catchy music, and stopping to smell all the roses along the way and end up taking easily triple or quadruple that.

The game and combat mechanics are pretty fun, with a number of subroutines that you unlock or add to your Transistor weapon as you level up. You form actual skills with those subroutines, using a combination of active slots, support slots (that you slot subroutines into to improve active slots), and four passive slots (buffs to improve your character as a whole). Each subroutine does a different, but thematically similar, thing depending on whether it’s currently in an active, passive, or support slot.

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