Board Game Review: Oceanos

A game of Oceanos in progress at Gen Con. Four people sitting around a table with their first row of ocean cards in front of them, and their modular submarine tiles nearby.One of the great things about attending Gen Con was getting to play new releases, or preview games that were about to be released. Oceanos is one of those games. It’s a new release from Iello, the company that publishes the King of Tokyo line. In this game, players control whimsical submarines exploring the depths of the ocean to collect animals for their aquariums. You also gain points for other items, such as treasure chests and coral reefs.

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Board Game Review: Tsuro

A game of Tsuro in progress. The photo shows the board, with several tiles laid out upon it, and the players' pieces on the tiles ready for the next player's turn.Another week, another board game review. This week, I’m going to talk about a simple but enjoyable game called Tsuro. It’s a fun little spatial-awareness game with a bit of a zen theme. I first saw it played on Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop, and got to play it myself a few months ago. I really enjoyed it, so I picked up a copy for myself. So let’s take a look at this game now, shall we?

First, as always, we look at the ratings.

Strategy and Randomness are rated from 0 to 6. A 0 means the rated aspect plays no part in determining the game's outcome; and a 6 means that it is the only factor that determines the game's outcome. Complexity is also rated from 0 to 6; a 0 means that it's so simple a six-year-old can play it, a 3 means any adult should have no trouble playing, and a 6 means that you'll need to refer to the rulebook frequently. Humour and Attractiveness are more detailed; please check back for further information.Tsuro:
Strategy: 3
Randomness: 1
Complexity: 0
Humour: None
Attractiveness: Pretty
Average Length of Game Play: 30 minutes
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Board Game Review: Area 1851

A photo of the Area 1851 game box, as seen from an upward angle. The cover art shows an old west style town with a banner across the street that displays the title, and in the foreground, a cowboy hovering by means of a jetpack shakes hands with an alien holding a pickaxe. The time has come once again for a board game review. This week, I shall look at a new game that was only just recently published, with the help of Kickstarter, and was introduced to me by my good friend John Trobare. The game in question is: Area 1851. It is a game of ‘UFOs meet cowboys.’ Aliens and old west characters are competing to gain the greatest amount of reputation by constructing and delivering strange devices.

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