Fan Fiction: PinkFae the Spelunker


The Elvaan Balasiel.

PinkFae slowly walked up the wooden steps to Balasiel, an old Elvaan. He was still standing in the same spot he was the last time she saw him, watching the people walk by from atop a walkway in Southern San d’Oria. He glanced over at PinkFae, slowly stroking his small, grey goatee with his thumb.

“Don’t tell me,” he said, “I never forget a face. PinkFae, isn’t it?”

PinkFae nodded her head, her tail wagging back and forth very slowly. “Yes, sirrr, that is corrrrect. I have come back after gaining more experrrience as you said. I have been to the grrrand city of Jeuno and fought at the island of Qufim. Now, please, tell me what you know of my mother.”

Balasiel smiled brightly at the Mithra and he gently placed a hand on her shoulder. “Ah, you’ve come quite a way since last we met, I see. The answers will come to you in time, PinkFae. I can tell you have learned much since we last meet. Your wild Mithra nature is tamer, and I can see the tears of Altana in your eyes.”  He paused, looking deep into her eyes. His gaze made her fur stand on end, and she quickly looked down at the road beneath her breaking his spell. “I believe you are ready for another task!”

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Fan Fiction: The Origin of PinkFae the Mithra

PinkFae was born in Kazham during the time of the Crystal Wars. Her mother, VioletFae, was part of the Kazham militia that defended the city from the raiding beastmen. This did not happen very often in the isolated town of Kazham. The Mithra rarely ventured out of the city and the beastmen would only raid the city when their supplies were low. During one of the attacks, VioletFae obtained a journal from one of the goblins she slain. She read how the beastmen were rising to take over Vana’diel, and about how the Four Kingdom Alliance formed to stop their advancement. When PinkFae was two years old, VioletFae decided to leave Kazham and travel to Windurst to fight for the good of Vana’diel from this rising hoard. She was never seen or heard from again.

Like all male Mithra, PinkFae’s father was living in Tsahya, and was not permitted to leave the island. He eventually heard the news that VioletFae left Kazham and went off to Windurst. It was not uncommon for male Mithra to have many mates due to the low population of males, yet VioletFae was her father’s favorite and most beloved of his mates. He quickly fell into a deep state of depression and died months later. Many said that he died of a broken heart.

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