About Zoey

Zoey’s first taste in gaming was the ill-fated MMO Atmosphir, playing it almost religiously up to it’s untimely death. Since then, she has been devoted to the PC, maintaining a steam library too large to ever complete. Zoey’s favourite games are Dark Souls and CS:GO, where she can stab and shoot things in equal measure. She lives in Torfaen, Wales, with her rabbit, Sundance.

Video Game Review: George: Scared Of The Dark

George: Scared Of The Dark is the latest showing in a recent resurgence of mobile platformers on the app store. The platform lends itself well to the pick-up-and-play nature of the genre, but so far, no game has succeeded in capturing exactly what makes a great platformer. Could George: Scared Of The Dark break this trend?

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Video Game Review: Dark Souls III

[Very mild spoilers for opening area]

In my first playthrough of Dark Souls 3, I have travelled from the walls of a crumbling city, to the bowels of an overgrown forest, and back again. I have encountered lovecraftian horrors and a few incandescent faces. And I have died, again and again and again.

Dark Souls’ signature masochism certainly has not been lost. Enemies look hard and hit harder. The bosses have also been scaled up, taking advantage of the newest console generation to make them larger and scarier than their previous counterparts. If there’s any problem, it’s that some of the readability of enemies in previous games has been lost in favour of increasing the creepy factor. For example, the corruption, an early encounter, is a giant serpentine black mass. It is intentionally confusing to fight and difficult to read, which while making for an exhilarating fight, seems to have abandoned some of Fromsoft’s previous attitudes towards character design.

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Dark Souls Diaries – Part One

Dark_Souls_II_coverI have 500 hours, 7 complete runs, and 2 successful SL1 characters in Dark Souls 1. Since it’s release, the world of Lordran has taken up a massive portion of my life.

And yet, I’ve never played the sequel.

Cue the steam sales! I took the chance to buy the original Dark Souls for a heavily discounted price and upgrade from my measly pirated copy (I’m sorry, Miyazaki), and Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, the follow-up I never played.

I have no idea what to expect- I’ve avoided all details of this game like the plague. I’m probably going to die. A lot.

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Black Ops 3 Beta

BlackOpsIII logo

This weekend, after an extraordinarily long install process, I got around to playing the Black Ops 3 beta.

At first it felt promising- was this the change of pace the series so desperately needed? The combat felt snappy and generally responsive, and the maps were well thought out, avoiding the choke-point based design that plagues games like Battlefield.

However, as I played more and more, I started to feel as if this was a game I’d played before. And I had.

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Official PinkFae CS:GO League 2015!

pinkfae cs-go league 300x300We’re very pleased to announce the first official PinkFae CS:GO tournament! Starting later this year, players will compete for a large pot of skins in a 1v1 format.

Eligibility and Registration

The tournament is solely for female players. Transgender female players are encouraged to participate. You must own CS:GO. Both amateur, semi-professional and professional players are welcome. The tournament is open on an international level.

To enter, please email zoeyzopro@gmail.com, along with your Steam ID, ingame rank and RWS (if applicable) Rank and RWS will be used to ensure fair seeding.

Registration will close on the 30th of September.

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