Crossplay: A New Adventure in Geekdom

A young man demonstrating crossplay, dressed as Jinx, a character from League of Legends. with a blue wig with long ponytail braids, pink shorts, a bikini top, and a large fake multi-barrel firearm.Gender identity is a hot topic at the moment. With issues like the current assault on the rights of transgender individuals in Texas, the nature of gender is at the forefront of socio-political discourse at the moment. This points to a current major trend in modern culture, with gender at the centre of that trend. Many people still firmly believe that sex and gender are binaries, and equivalent binaries at that. However, others realise that sex and gender are spectra which do not always correspond to one another. One of the more fascinating phenomena resulting from this is the concept of crossplay. Continue Reading →

Interview: Emily Whitehouse of On the Lamb Games

Emily Whitehouse (nee Fontana) poses for a photo in the On the Lamb Games booth at Gen Con 2016.One of the things I was most looking forward to at Gen Con was getting to meet Emily Whitehouse. She’s one of the co-founders of On the Lamb Games, a small company which is probably best known for their miniatures game Endless: Fantasy Tactics. I went by the On the Lamb Games booth and was delighted to meet Emily, whom I had until that point known as Emily Fontana. I would later learn that she had been married in June, so it’s Emily Whitehouse now!

But we were able to find some time to conduct an interview. Now I will share with you, my faithful readers, the wisdom that she has imparted unto me.

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Gen Con: An Overview of an Awesome Convention

A view of the exhibit hall at Gen Con, with people walking amongst the booths, which have a variety of signs both on the booth itself and hanging from the ceiling, including a giant inflatable Pikachu visible in the background.As most of you know, I was able to attend Gen Con last week. It was my first time ever to attend a convention (apart from the small local one that doesn’t really count). I had no idea what to expect from conventions in general, nor from Gen Con in particular. Needless to say, I had ridiculous amounts of fun. I got to play lots of games, see lots of panels, learn lots of things, and of course, buy lots of games. I have a lot of ideas for articles about my time at Gen Con, so look for those in upcoming weeks. Just a small sample of some of the entries I’ll be writing include:

  • An interview with Emily Whitehouse of On the Lamb Games
  • An article about crossplay and genderbending
  • Reviews of some new release games that debuted at the con
  • A discussion of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

And more! So this space is going to be pretty busy over the next couple of months. Be sure to check back weekly to see if I’ve managed to get something new up.

But in the meantime, I thought I’d start out with an overview of the convention itself. This is going to take the form of two sections: a description of the convention in general, and a guide to what to expect for people who’ve never been to a con. Continue Reading →

PinkFae Gaming at Gen Con 2016

J & Katie at GenCon Indy 2016

J & Katie at Gen Con Indy 2016

J and myself were at Gen Con Indy for all four days. It was my second time at the convention while it was J’s first time. We were both there for the first time representing PinkFae Gaming in order to bring you coverage of seminars, reviews of games and possibly even an interview or two!

Since there was so much going on and it was just the two of us, we didn’t do any live blogging at all. Instead, we took some notes and brought them back home with us. Over the course of the next few weeks look for articles based on what we learned and experienced.

GMing (part 3) Designing Your Campaign (2nd of 2)

A hand preparing to write the design for a game on a page in a notebook that has the words 'My Plan' written across the top.Last week, we began looking at the essentials of designing your campaign. It was a big topic, so I had to split it into two sections. Today’s entry will finish what we started, as we look at the remaining three basic campaign arrangements. In case you’ve forgotten, last week we discussed the ‘Episodic’ and ‘Set-Piece’ design systems. Today, we will cover ‘Branching,’ ‘Puzzle Piece,’ and ‘Enemy Timeline.’

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Video Game Review: Sonic Adventure

Sonic AdventureBefore I get started on the review, I’d like to give some background information on my feelings on this game, and some quick info on the port.

I was first introduced to Sonic games with Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure 2 when I was 7 or 8, and before that I would watch Sonic X every morning on the weekends. As a kid, I knew those games had flaws and shortcomings, but I never cared, because they were video games, and they were fun. As I got older, the shortcomings of Sonic Adventure 2 became more and more apparent to me, so when I heard that the Game Grumps were going to be playing Sonic Adventure DX (the first in the Adventure series), I knew I had to watch it and see how terrible it would be. They focused a lot on glitches, and constantly got lost and didn’t know what to do. They made it look like an absolutely horrible game. When I saw Sonic Adventure DX in the Humble Bundle, I had to get it to experience for myself just how bad it was for myself.

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